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Folk tale Pan and Men Brayut, Balinese painting E74195

Folk tale Pan and Men Brayut, Balinese painting E74195
Painting - Ider Ider detail. Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia. 
© Australian Museum 
photographer: AM, Photography Dept - Photographer Unknown
Pan and Men Brayut is a popular folktale depicting scenes of domestic life. Men Brayut has eighteen children and her husband Pan Brayut has to do all the domestic work. In the painting, made up of several separate scenes, we see him cooking, washing children and carrying water. His wife suckles a child at each breast while other children argue around her. The family is very poor and the children fight with each other, making their parentsí life a misery. However, when the children grow up and are able to work, the family becomes rich. They are able to form a family troupe to perform the Barong drama, with their own orchestra depicted in the final scene of the painting.


Barong drama is a performance in which the good, protective character Barong fends off evil forces.

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