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E076389 Painting - Front, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia. 
Australian Museum 
photographer: AM, Photography Dept - John Fields
E076389 - 23/10/1979, painting, , , Bali, Indonesia, Asia, Southeast
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Painting on cotton cloth (89 cm x 115 cm) - the episodes depicted are not fully understood. It probably shows Rama fighting with a priest and a preparation for cremation of unknown person. Above on the right we see Rama, Laksmana and Sita advancing. On the left opposite this trio is a priestly figure in an aggressive pose with a second figure behind him. Between the two on the left is a discus thrown by the priest and a double motif which consists of a flame surrounded one-eyed monster and underneath probably a blue water motifs, which may represent the clash of weapons used by the priest and Rama. Below the priest, are two warriors aggressively positioned and facing a group of seven persons on the right who bear a shrouded corpse to the funeral pyre being lit before them. On the left (as we view the painting) are the two parekan, Delem and Sangut and opposite them on the right of the painting are Twalen standing and Mredah kneeling in front of the corpse-bearing group.
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Asia, Southeast
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